Brand Ownership Is Changing

Traditionally, marketing departments have owned responsibility for their organization’s brand. Most marketing leaders will tell you “managing the brand” is their primary responsibility. Organizations need to rethink this approach to succeed in the future because 1) organizations no longer own their brands and 2) brands are no longer managed.

Organizations no longer own their brands. Consumers do. You can invest all you want in slick marketing but at the end of the day your brand will ultimately be what consumers say it is.

Brands are no longer managed. They’re delivered. You simply can’t “manage” what a customer does and/or says when they buy your product or service and you fail to deliver on their expectations.

As a result of these rapidly occurring changes, organizations would be wise to consider a transition, in one way or another, of their internal brand leadership from marketing to operations – or whatever department ultimately delivers the product or service to the customer. It could literally be a shift in departmental responsibilities or perhaps just allowing marketing more influence into operations but, either way, winning the future requires organizations to seriously reconsider who “owns” and how to “manage” their brand.

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