Uber’s Next Big Problem Is Ours Too

Most people try Uber for some combination of convenience, price and curiosity. Most people stick with Uber, however, because of what they find inside the cars – friendly drivers, spotless interiors as well as unexpected extras like bottles of water, gum, mints, and phone chargers.

In other words, despite having invested billions of dollars to build incredible technology, launch superb marketing, and hire brilliant people, Uber’s success over the long haul will likely come down to whether or not their drivers can consistently deliver an extraordinary customer experience. Over the last year or so, though, I’ve seen an amazing increase in the number of drivers that don’t deliver the extraordinary customer experience that’s kept me loyal to Uber. And, I’m not alone. Bad customer experience was a hot topic among a group of us – strangers – waiting for our rides at the Atlanta airport last week.

The passion with which that group of loyal Uber customers was expressing their frustration was a clear indication to me that customer experience may well be the next big problem Uber has to solve.

This impromptu gripe session at the Atlanta airport really also served as a reminder to me that delivering a consistent and extraordinary customer experience drives the long-term success of every business. Even if you have tons of cash, amazing technology, incredible marketing and brilliant people, it still comes down to how well you translate all that into a great experience for your customers.

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