Embracing the Technology-Enabled Lifestyle

The way people view, buy, and use technology is changing. That change impacts both technology and non-technology companies and represents an incredible opportunity for them to quickly gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

Technology has traditionally been about features – i.e. what it does. This approach has worked well over the years in large part because there have been limited technology options. That’s not the case today, though. Today, there are an unlimited number of solutions with the features required to solve just about any problem that exists. As a result, users and prospective users aren’t placing nearly as much value in problem solving. It’s now assumed and treated somewhat like a commodity.

Their attention is shifting to how technology enhances their lifestyle. They’re asking questions like:

• Which solution requires the least amount of my time?
• Which solution makes me smarter?
• Which solution is most portable/mobile?

This is especially true for those in the millennial generation and younger. In their world, using technology to solve a problem is the default. They haven’t known any other way. The real value comes from how that technology can make their life better. They live a technology-enabled lifestyle.

This is a trend non-technology companies need to embrace as well. If you’re a handyman, how can you enable someone to hire you sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru while on vacation in Hilton Head? The traditional lead-to-proposal-to-close sales process doesn’t allow that. However, a combination of the technology that’s already in their hand and at their home could allow them to do it before the barista hands them their latte. That’s faster, smarter, and portable.

And that’s why the companies that win the future will be the ones that embrace delivering solutions (technology and non-technology) that support the technology-enabled lifestyle today’s consumers are living.

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